2018 Ramer Race Promotions
General Rules

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All Drivers and Pit Crews Please Read all rules....

Pit Gate Closes One (1) Hour before show time of event. Any driver that arrives after this will be subject to a $100 late fee.Inspection closes 45 minutes before show. Any car not inspected will also be subject to a $50 late fee.Please be on time!!!!
All drivers and pit crew will sign pit waiver and receive pit pass.Failure to wear pit pass in a visible location will result in removal from pit area.

General Rules:

***If car does not pass inspection or driver is unwilling to change car to pass inspection - absolutely no refunds!!
1. Any American make sedan or station wagon can be used to compete in the Full Size Fair and Wire Automobile Classes except for 1973 or Older Chrysler Imperials or Imperial sub-frames, 4x4ís, ambulances, hearses, trucks, limousines, etc.

2. Truck class may be any American made full size truck or SUV no larger than a 3/4 ton chassis. Extended cabs will be permitted.

3. Mini Car Class may be any year foreign or american made automobile. Refer to Mini Car rules for wheelbase and other car restrictions.

4. Mini Vans may be any American or foreign vehicle.Mini Vans only will be allowed.MUST be front or rear wheel drive.No all wheel drive.

5. Drivers must be 18 years of age and have a valid driverís license. Ages 16 Ė17 must have a notarized permission slip. The person that signs in as the driver must be the driver for that event!

6. Driver must wear;Shoes,pants,shirt, seat belt and helmet, along with eye protection.A long sleeve shirt and or fire retardant jacket is highly recommended. ALL drivers and crew members must attend the drivers meeting.Drivers meeting will usually be 15 minutes before scheduled time of event.PLEASE make sure to attend.

7. DO NOT hit the driverís door! Sometimes this happens, but if it looks intentional or carelessness, you will be disqualified. Donít use your door as a shield; it may cause you to get disqualified.

8. Any open door will cause disqualification. If in heat, you may fix it and come back in the consolation.

9. NO sandbagging or holding!!! You will be disqualified! 

10. No alcohol or drugs in the pits, if anyone is caught with this, they will be disqualified, this includes their pit crew. 

11. Cars are subject to re-inspection before any prize money is handed out. Only drivers and flagman will be allowed on the track after the event until all cars have been released to their pit. Please all drivers stay close to your vehicle for removal from track.

12. Any controversies will be taken up at the drivers meeting.

13. Any questions give us a call! If it doesnít say you can do it, donít do it. Call 1st!! Judges decisions are FINAL!!!

Individual Class Rules
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Wire Class-Full Size
Mini Car-Wire    Mini Car-Modified
Mini Vans
Weld Trucks
- Stock Trucks